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Arbre sacré

In Nosy Be, there are three sacred trees, but the largest is Mahatsinjo, it is a historical place, is 2.5 km cultural and religious south of the capital Hellville. Its history dates back to 1837, when Queen Sakalava Tsiomeko haven of peace “in Nosy Chassed by Army Army Merina Ranavalona I. Queen Of Hindu who came to visit the Queen gave her a gift of a bud Ficus Benghalensis or banyan, the queen orders to plant it in the place that has seen its first step on the island. Since then, it has become a doany for Sakalava, a place of worship and prayer. The sacred tree covers an area of about 5000 square meters and consists of a multitude of branches, lianas and roots that are no longer able to distinguish them.