Reserve de Lokobe


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Entering the Lokobe Wildlife Refuge is like traveling back in time, because you can experience the experience of being in contact with animals that have existed for thousands of years and can touch ancient plants. In Malagasy, loko means “color”, whereas “big”; the big color of course is green or better all kinds of Lokobe sees from above it looks like a big green spot covering an area of ​​740 hectares. From the fishing village of Ambatozavavy, you start on canoes and after 20 minutes of paddling, you reach the village of Ampasipohy, the entrance to the reserve. The fauna and flora represent a good part of the biodiversity of Madagascar. Lokobe is home to a large colony of lemur macaques and other lemur species: Claire’s day microcebo and the nocturnal Mirza Zaza and Nosy Be’s lepilemide. Among the six species of chameleons, there is the smallest chameleon in the world, the Brochesia Minima, which is only a few millimeters long. Among the geckos, is the Uroplatus or leaf-tailed gecko, an animal that exploits a mimicry, difficult to see. Among the amphibians housed in the reserve lives one of the smallest frogs in the world, Rhombophryne pygmaea, endemic to Lokobe, about 10 mm long.

Prices: 45 € / pax